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Sumida, Gale Masako gale.sumida at oregonstate.edu
Mon Feb 25 12:43:02 PST 2019

I'm excited to announce this Spring's offering of "Introduction to Genome Biology" (BOT499/599, Spring 2019), which was designed for EECS students who are interested in the genomics/molecular-biology domain. This is a unique avenue to learning about this area, as there are no traditional molecular biology pre-req course series such as biochemistry required.

A flyer is attached for this course along with a brief description below. This course is designed to help any student **without a formal biology background** learn genome biology fundamentals in a setting that focuses on understanding and not on memorizing.  Students also learn some practicals of parallel computing and are introduced to very basic machine learning concepts through our class project on gene-finding.

For those interested in the Biological Data Sciences Graduate Minor, this course can be included as an option.

If a space in this course is not available upon registration (undergraduate or graduate subsection has filled), this can almost always be addressed so please contact me.

Molly Megraw
Associate Professor
Botany & Plant Pathology (primary), Computer Science (adjunct)
Oregon State University
megrawm at science.oregonstate.edu<mailto:megrawm at science.oregonstate.edu>

Introduction to Genome Biology
BOT 499/599
Spring 2019: TR 10:00am-11:20am
Brief course description:
This course introduces students from any background, including a quantitative background (e.g. computer science, math, statistics, physics, engineering), to basic concepts from molecular biology, in order to explore the field of genomics and computational biology.  The course has no pre-requisites, and will progress from understanding DNA, RNA, and protein production in cells to understanding relevant concepts in modern genome biology such as DNA modifications and chromatin structure.  The course will contain a project that teaches practical parallelization of genomic data, for use in answering biological questions.  For this reason, it is requested that students entering the course are proficient in a scripting language (e.g. Python, Perl, R, Matlab, etc).
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