[Eecs-news-links] Internship @ Health Technology Innovations (Portland/Beaverton, OR)

Batten, Tina tina.batten at oregonstate.edu
Mon Apr 15 15:00:51 PDT 2019

Company Background
Health Technology Innovations LLC (HTI) is a privately-held, Oregon-based company founded in 2017 by
a group of former Intel engineers and OHSU scientists. HTI's advisory board consists of leaders in the IT,
semiconductor and medical fields dedicated to developing solutions for medical image analysis. HTI is
partnering with OHSU on improving Cryo-Electron Microscope (cryo-EM) workflow-based AI/ML research
and development.
Contact email: kumar at healthtechnologyinnovations.com

Project Background
In this phase of HTI's project, CryoDiscovery, the focus is on researching ML techniques to analyze cryo-
EM 2D images and their meta-data, for class sorting.

Intern Requirements
Intern 1:
Graduate Student, Knowledgeable in Machine Learning theory and application development
20+ hours/week: 3 months duration. Starting date negotiable
Minimum Requirements
1. Knowledge in both the theory and implementation of Machine Learning models using
a. Ability to code and evaluate deep learning models, cost functions and assess the pros
and cons.
b. Assess the performance impact for both the training and inference phases and optimize
the implementation.
2. Highly proficient in multi-threaded programming in Python and C++
3. Experience with Linux (we use Ubuntu) systems
4. GIT based disciplined approach to development and integration
5. Good written, oral communication skills
Additional Desirable Requirements
1. Software packaging tools such as Docker
2. Knowledge of cloud computing environment (e.g. AWS/Azure/Google Colab)
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