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Mrs. Batten,

Could you please forward the volunteer search email below to the EECS mailing list with the subject: Spring 2019 ResiSTORE Volunteer Search? If there are any issues please let me know.

Tristan Luther

EECS Students,

The ResiSTORE is looking for spring term volunteers! Read below if you are interested in volunteering for the ResiSTORE!

What is the ResiSTORE?

The ResiSTORE is a volunteer-run electronics store located in the basement of Dearborn hall that serves the OSU community. It's been previously known as the "IEEE Store" and the "Robotics Club Store", and is now the "ResiSTORE". The store is curated by OSU Students to serve their needs, in addition to the rest of OSU's Research Labs other Electronics' needs. Visit our website (listed below) for more information on what is stocked.

Why should you volunteer? (That's right, we want you!)

There are many reasons to volunteer! They include after-hours access to the store for your own projects, learning about electronics (from customers and fellow volunteers), input into the future of the store itself, and more! Student volunteers are critical to the operation of the store.

Volunteering is fun, easy, educational, and it looks great on scholarship applications and resumes! A typical volunteer may work in the store for only one or two hours per week, although more is certainly welcome.

Robotics Club members get first pick for volunteering time slots, but volunteering is open to everyone of all majors!

How can you volunteer?
If you're interested in volunteering, please do both of the following:

1) Sign up for volunteer training: Here<https://doodle.com/poll/a3rku888qq7i3x6i>

Even if you have already volunteered for the ResiSTORE, we ask that you attend a training session to get re-acquainted, registered on the volunteer list, and take note of changes coming to the store.

If you have any questions, feel free to email OSURCstore at engr.orst.edu<mailto:OSURCstore at engr.orst.edu>.

Visit our website https://resi.store<https://resi.store/> for more information!

Thank you,
Tristan Luther

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