Graduation Year: 

BSCE 1959 - CCE

After graduating from OSU, Lou Mace went to Vinnell Corporation and Dravo Corporation, working mostly on hydro projects on the Columbia and Snake rivers. He was made division manager in Alaska in 1968 and regional manager in Seattle in 1970, with responsibility for Dravo's northern operations. He started his own company in 1972, specializing in small hydro projects in the Northwest. The company was bought by S. J. Groves in 1973, and Lou stayed on to manage their Western operations. Among many notable projects are the construction of the I-205 Bridge across the Columbia River, the widening of I-84 in Portland, and the construction of the $310-million Second Powerhouse at Bonneville Dam. He became president of S. J. Groves Construction in 1983 and subsequently executive vice president with responsibility for operations in South America, Canada, and Saudi Arabia. After resigning in 1986, he started up his old company, M.A.C.E., Inc., and has been active with the company Heither/Mace, specializing in contracts for the F.A.A. and U.S. Air Force. During the last 10 years, Lou has been a member panelist with the American Arbitration Association and served as a member of the Disputes Review Board Foundation. He is a registered professional engineer in Oregon and Idaho, and is a member of the Moles and the Beavers.