Graduation Year: 

BSEE 1992 - EECS

Jon Amack is president and CEO of Booster Juice in the USA. Booster Juice is Canada’s biggest smoothie chain. In 1999, Amack co-founded AW Holdings Corporation, a Canadian corporation doing business as Booster Juice in Canada. He served as CEO until March 2002 when he began preparation for opening franchises in the U.S. under Booster Juice Limited Partnership, based in Lake Oswego, Oregon. Booster Juice operates about 150 stores in Canada, is rapidly expanding in the U.S. with about 50 stores to date, and has franchises in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. Amack and his business partner have worked together since they were in college, where they started a car security company in 1989 that brought the Viper alarm to Canada. This business paid for a substantial amount of their college education.