Giving Back

We’re here for you through the entire undergraduate experience. Thanks to the incredible generosity of loyal OSU colleagues this past year, more than $1 million in annual gifts to 400 different areas across campus are making a difference in the lives of students.

The College of Engineering awards more than $2 million in scholarships each year, largely through generous support from alumni and industry.

The Planning

Oregon State has created a timeline so that you don’t miss any important dates during your financial planning. Before you start your planning, review the basic tuition and fees associated with Oregon State.

The Payoff

According to PayScale, Oregon State graduates earn the highest mid-career median salary of any public university in the state. While salaries vary for different engineering majors, they all do well with Payscale listing the median starting salaries for many engineering programs above $60,000

Federal and State Financial Aid

Financial aid is based on the premise that you (and in the case of dependent students, your guardians) are primarily responsible for providing for your educational expenses, and it is intended to supplement student and family contributions toward educational costs. Financial aid comes from many sources, including federal and state government, private organizations, and Oregon State University’s institutional funds. Most Oregon State students receive some form of financial aid.

Scholarships and Awards

The College of Engineering is committed to recruiting and retaining motivated, driven students. One way we do that is by offering numerous scholarship opportunities. 

A scholarship is a financial award given to a student on the basis of academic achievement and promise. Many scholarships are awarded based on merit; however, some also take into account financial need. Like grants, scholarships do not have to be repaid.

As an incoming first-year student, you are automatically considered for all available scholarships when you complete the scholarship application included with your application for admission to Oregon State. Beyond the college, Oregon State offers merit-based scholarships, as well as need and non-need based financial aid.

Program-specific Scholarships for Fall 2020 Applicants: Oregon State University will award eligible students a guaranteed Beavers Beyond Scholarship for out-of-state students of at least $14,000 for the 2020-2021 academic year.

Oregon State ScholarDollars Scholarship Search: Oregon State students may use OSU ScholarDollars to submit an application for the nearly $50 million in campus-based scholarship funding available for the 2019-2020 academic year. By submitting one application each academic year, you will be considered for over 1,600 OSU scholarship opportunities. Apply early to maximize your scholarship opportunities. Scholarships are subject to available funds.

Work-Study and Internships

Federal work-study funding helps provide part-time jobs for students with financial need. Being awarded work-study funds allows you to apply for jobs that specifically have the work-study designation. If you are awarded work-study and secure a work-study job, you will be paid monthly for hours worked.

There are also a variety of paid internships available to engineering students. Internships are typically short-term work assignments related to your major or career interests. Completing an internship is an excellent way to develop the hands-on skills and professionalism needed for a successful transition into the work place. On the other hand, academic internships only qualify for academic credit.


Student loans are a valuable resource for funding your education, so you need to be prepared to repay them when you have completed your degree, or are no longer enrolled at least half time in an accredited program. You can estimate what your loan repayment will look like by using the helpful calculator at

Degree Partnership Program and Transfer Students

Many engineering students choose to participate in Oregon State’s Degree Partnership Program, a pathway to completing a university degree more quickly and more affordable. This program allows you to be jointly admitted and enrolled at Oregon State and any of our community college partner schools. There are specific financial support resources available for these students.