This is Your Story

We want to take a moment to speak with you about the College of Engineering and your time here. You’ve decided that you’re ready to become an engineer and you’ll arrive at Oregon State University with the qualities that make great engineers.

  • You’re curious and enjoy solving problems.
  • You’re a thinker and don’t shy away from challenges.
  • You’re creative and can see the options as opposed to a single path.
  • You have a sense of responsibility and want to work on projects that can change people’s lives.
  • Ultimately, you want to make a difference.

When you choose Oregon State, our job is to help you become the engineer you want to be.

Start Here

Your Journey

When you arrive, you’ll enter as a general engineering major and take many courses with other first-year engineering students. During that period, your professors and advisors will help you choose the engineering program that’s best for you.

Some of you may know what major you wish to declare at orientation, while others might be considering different options. (You can’t be expected to have all of the answers before you’ve taken one class!) Your interests and experience will reveal the most rewarding academic and career path.

If you want to explore disciplines beyond engineering, you can talk to your advisors about minors, double majors, and interdisciplinary work. As of fall 2018, close to 15% of engineering students had declared a minor.

Inclusive Experiences

Your Community

You’ll experience many things as an undergraduate. Of course you’ll be in classes and work on research projects, but you’ll also make powerful, lifelong personal connections.

For many of you, this will be the first time you are immersed in a like-minded community where you all share a passion for science and technology.

One of the greatest rewards from your time at Oregon State will come from the friendships you make — friendships that last a lifetime.

Giving Back After Graduation

Your Opportunity

While we are proud of our research, our real success and recognition come from the quality of our graduates. And we don’t want you to stay a secret.

Your curriculum is built on a foundation of experiential learning where you will work on student and university research projects. When you’re ready, choose from a variety of internships that will give you real-world experience.

If you want to break out with a new idea, you can participate in the annual Engineering Expo. You'll have the opportunity to present to faculty from other colleges, alumni, and industry representatives.

Learn, Grow and Thrive

Your Future

As you prepare for life after graduation, we’ll still be by your side.

From day one, you’ll have access to the college’s Leadership Academy and Grand Challenge Scholars Program, which offer opportunities to network and demonstrate your abilities to employers.

Most of you will be heading toward careers in engineering. Employers regularly tell us the value of Oregon State students who can work in teams. You should feel confident knowing you will have experience working in and leading project teams.

Some of you will be motivated to continue your academic career in graduate school. Our graduates are routinely admitted to top programs across the nation and they pursue a variety of engineering research projects.

We'll Help You Prepare

Our Family

Even when your time as an undergraduate is over and you plan your next move, your connection to Oregon State won’t end. You’ll be a part of a lifelong community and join over 30,000 College of Engineering alumni across Oregon and the United States.

The professional networking and career opportunities are always important, but when you meet fellow alumni at a conference or at work, the real reward will be in the exchange of stories and shared experiences.

Your time at Oregon State will shape who you are as it did for them.

Learn more about our engineering programs.

You're Not Alone