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Chemical, Biological, and Environmental Engineering

Research Expenditures: $7.9 million FY2019
Faculty: 37
Research: Clean water and the environment, health and biotechnology, sustainable energy, materials and catalysis, computation and simulation, and engineering education

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Health and Biotechnology: Joe Baio, assistant professor of bioengineering, studies the microstructures of snake scales. Learn how his team aims to create biocompatible, anti-fouling, friction-free surfaces for medical implants.

Clean Water and the Environment: Lew Semprini, Distinguished Professor of Environmental Engineering, works with organohalide-respiring bacteria to clean up toxic spills in groundwater.

Materials: Greg Herman, school head and James and Shirley Kuse Chair in Chemical Engineering, has developed an enhanced, fully transparent biosensor that could be added to a contact lens to monitor blood glucose and other health indicators.

Civil and Construction Engineering

Research Expenditures: $8.9 million FY2019
Faculty: 43
Research: Construction engineering management, engineering education, geomatics, geotechnical engineering, infrastructure materials, coastal and ocean engineering, structural engineering, transportation engineering, and water resources engineering

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Safety: Judy Liu, professor in the Structural Engineering group, conducts research that explores resilient steel structures, with a focus on seismic and disproportionate collapse resistance.

Infrastructure Renewal: The Infrastructure Materials focus emphasizes the understanding of materials and property relationships, microstructural development and its impact on long-term performance, durability and sustainability.

Coastal Remote Sensing: Coastal protection is a priority for school researchers. In their work, they employ remote sensing — the collection of data from satellites and aircraft — to better understand coastal hazards.

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Research Expenditures: $11.6 million FY2019
Faculty: 82
Research: Data science and engineering, artificial intelligence and robotics, materials and devices, integrated electronics, energy systems, cybersecurity, communications and signal processing, networking and computer systems, software engineering and human computer interaction, programming languages, theoretical computer science, health engineering, computer graphics and visualization, and computer science education

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Robotics: Robots are designed to help people, though many fear our futuristic friends. That's why professor Heather Knight is developing socially intelligent robots.

Computer Science Education: Jennifer Parham-Mocello, assistant professor of computer science, works with funds from Google to improve K-12 computer science education.

Interface Electronics: Gabor Temes, professor of electrical engineering and computer science, works with sensor interfaces for biomedical devices and automotive applications.

Mechanical, Industrial, and Manufacturing Engineering

Research Expenditures: $12.5 million FY2019
Faculty: 66
Research: Advanced Manufacturing, Design, Industrial and Systems Engineering, Next-Generation Materials, Renewable Energy and Energy Sustainability, and Robotics

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Research Emphases: Our researchers have achieved global prominence in six signature areas: Advanced Manufacturing; Design; Industrial and Systems Engineering; Next-Generation Materials; Renewable Energy and Energy Sustainability; and Robotics.

Robotics: Our robotics program has more than 25 faculty and 180 graduate students conducting cutting-edge robotics research in real-world applications. Our researchers focus on design, modeling and control of systems that observe, move within, interact with, and act upon their environment.

Next Generation Materials: Next-generation materials research at Oregon State University focuses primarily on structural materials, biomaterials, electronic ceramics, energy materials, sensors, and bulk and thin film materials processing.

Nuclear Science and Engineering

Research Expenditures: $8.0 million FY2019
Faculty: 18
Research: Radiation transport and reactor physics; radiation detection and measurement; nuclear security, nonproliferation, and nuclear safeguards; nuclear thermal hydraulics and reactor safety; radiochemistry and radioecology; and materials for nuclear engineering applications

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Reactor Physics: Wade Marcum, Henry W. and Janice J. Schuette Professor in Nuclear Science and Engineering, researches nuclear reactor safety and improve new reactor efficiency.

Reactor Physics: Meet José N. Reyes, professor emeritus and co-founder and chief technology officer of NuScale Power. He is co-designer of NuScale’s passively-cooled small reactor.

Reactor Physics: Todd Palmer, professor of nuclear engineering, discusses the redesign of a reactor target that would use low-enriched uranium as a fuel source.