Congratulations to our People's Choice Award winners!

This year, two teams from Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) tied for the award, presented by Sandra Woods, dean of the College of Engineering; and Peter Johnson, grand marshal of the Expo.

The 2013 Engineering Expo People's Choice Award

Project ECE#8 Sole Topography Energy-harvesting Piezoelectric Shoe:

Using the mechanical energy from the force of a foot striking the ground, this system collects force data at six different points from the heel to the toe. The data could be used in gait analysis, helping people to improve how they walk, run, or jump.

Student names: Omri Almog, Rich Meier & Nicholas Kelly
Project ECE#18
Wicked Wizard P.O.V. Display:

This eye-catching, 18-inch rod of LEDs spins at high speed, displaying full-screen movies from an SD memory card.

Student names: Brandon Bayles, Devin Murrell & Jon Wallace

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