At the core of the Division of Business & Engineering is a commitment to innovation, technology commercialization, and advancing university research within the colleges of business and engineering. Formed in 2009, the Division is part of Oregon State University’s larger vision to align its 11 colleges to foster greater collaboration and encourage synergies in teaching, research, and innovation. To date, business and engineering faculty have partnered to create new ventures and startups, such as NuScale Power, Inc, and have garnered competitive grants that would otherwise be inaccessible.This strategic partnership brings together technical expertise and  business savvy to help move cutting-edge research and technologies to market, while sustaining the university’s mission of promoting economic growth and social progress.


COB/COE Collaborations 

  • Tech Tuesday, a monthly gathering of faculty to identify research clusters, form scholarly alliances, and  strengthen the university’s technology commercialization efforts.
  • Division Seed Funds, a revenue source that supports joint proposals between the College of Engineering and the College of Business. The fund has supported several research projects, including a proposal to map user requirements to design alternatives and another that investigates ways to enhance commercialization opportunities for undergraduates. 
  • The MBA program, where graduate students develop comprehensive, investor-ready business plans for university research technologies, many from the College of Engineering. 
  • The Austin Entrepreneurship Program, a program that promotes and leads entrepreneurship and innovation research, education, and new venture development and commercialization across the Oregon State University campus and beyond. 
  • The Business Solutions Group (BSG) builds a pool of talented and highly skilled college graduates, hiring and training business, computer science and engineering students while providing real-world clients with business analysis, application development and testing services. Students enter the workforce with an advantage that few graduates can boast - real industry experience.
  • BEcommunity.oregonstat, the online home for the Division of Business & Engineering, includes login access to the SharePoint files, updates on proposals, listing and backgrounds on community members and another opportunity to collaborate and share resources.