Environmental Engineering

Yuanzhe Liang

Dr. Yuanzhe Liang is an assistant professor in the School of Chemical, Biological, and Environmental Engineering at Oregon State University, with a joint appointment as a guest researcher at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. Prof. Liang holds a B.S. degree in Polymer Science and Engineering from Beijing University of Chemical Technology, an M.S. in Macromolecular Science and Engineering from Case Western Reserve University, and a Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Material Science and Environmental Engineering from Vanderbilt University. Upon completing his Ph.D., Prof.

Stacey Harper

Stacey Harper’s laboratory investigates the environmental health and safety impacts of nanoscale materials, including engineered nanomaterials and nanoscale plastic debris in order to support risk decisions that protect our environment and human health. Our lab group develops and applies rapid testing strategies to determine toxic potential of nanomaterials and nanoplastics and develops investigative tools to identify the specific features of nanoscale materials that result in toxicity.

Dorthe Wildenschild

Dorthe Wildenschild’s research focuses on flow and transport in porous media, with the goal of answering questions related to subsurface water pollution and energy-related storage challenges. Recent work includes optimization of geologic storage of anthropogenic carbon dioxide; colloid-facilitated transport of contaminants in groundwater; microbial enhanced oil recovery; and investigations in support of more effective groundwater remediation techniques.

Brian Wood

Brian Wood's research interests include transport of mass, momentum, and energy in natural and engineered multiscale systems; multiscale analysis of tissues and biological process descriptions in cellular systems, with particular applications to organ modeling and modeling of cancer biology.