Civil Engineering

Matt Evans

Dr. Evans is an enthusiastic teacher with interests in both fundamental and applied topics. He teaches courses on topics such as granular mechanics, numerical methods, unsaturated soil mechanics, laboratory methods, and alternative energy.

Matt Evans joined Oregon State University in 2012 from the Department of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering at North Carolina State University where he was an Assistant Professor from 2006-2012. Dr. Evans was a practicing engineer working on alternative approaches for waste encapsulation before pursuing his graduate degrees.

Scott Ashford

Scott Ashford’s career with Oregon State University began in the early 1980s, when he was a civil engineering undergrad hired to stack rocks for a riprap study at the Hinsdale Wave Research Laboratory. Now, as Kearney Dean of Engineering, he oversees the 7th largest college of engineering in the nation, with nearly 400 faculty and staff and serving over 11,000 students. He considers this to be a lot more gratifying than stacking rocks.

Minjie Zhu

I’m a Research Associate in Structural Engineering at Oregon State University working with Prof. Michael H. Scott. My research focuses on the nonlinear fluid-structure interaction (FSI) using the particle finite element method (PFEM). All the work are implemented in the OpenSees framework.

Solomon Yim

Dr. Yim has been at Oregon State University since 1987 and is currently the Glenn Willis Holcomb Professor of Structural Engineering in the School of Civil and Construction Engineering. He is the principal investigator of the 10-year NSF Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation Tsunami Research Facility Site Operation Project. His research focuses on fluid and structural mechanics in the marine environment using high-performance computing based multi-physics, multi-scale and multi-domain systems methods.

Harry Yeh, P.E. (CA)

Harry Yeh joined the faculty of Oregon State University in 2003, and is a Professor of Civil and Construction Engineering. His expertise is in the field of hydrodynamics associated with natural hazards, especially those in a wide variety of tsunami-related problems. His extensive experience of field studies includes the 1992 Nicaragua tsunami, the 1992 Flores tsunami, the 1993 Okushiri tsunami, the 1994 Shikotan tsunami, the 1996 Peru tsunami, the 1998 Papua New Guinea tsunami, the 2004 Great Indian Ocean tsunami, and the most recent 2011 Tohoku tsunami in Japan.

Meagan Wengrove

Dr. Meagan Wengrove is a coastal engineer and scientist who leads the Coastal Boundary Dynamics Research Group at Oregon State University. Our research focus is to understand the physics of natural and engineered coastal systems.

Jason Weiss

Jason Weiss is the Edwards Distinguished Chair in Engineering. Before joining Oregon State as the Head of the School of Civil and Construction Engineering (2015-2020) he was a faculty member at Purdue University for over 16 years where he held the position of the Jack and Kay Hockema Professor of Civil Engineering and Director of the Pankow Materials Laboratory. He earned a B.A.E. from the Pennsylvania State University and a MS and PhD from Northwestern University in 1997 and 1999 respectively.

Brian Weaver

Brian Weaver, Ph.D. is an Assistant Professor (Senior Research) of Geomatics in the school of Civil and Construction Engineering at Oregon State University. He received his B.S. and M.S. degrees in Civil Engineering with an emphasis in Geomatics at Oregon State University, and Ph.D. degree in Civil Engineering with an emphasis on GNSS-based geodesy at the University of Nottingham. His research expertise includes development of satellite radar altimetry and GNSS data processing algorithms for high-accuracy applications and alignment of geodetic data to the national reference frame. Dr.

Haizhong Wang

Dr. Wang teaches classes at the undergraduate and graduate level on topics including; transportation engineering, transportation system planning and analysis, traffic flow theory and control, and traffic simulation.

Yelda Turkan

Dr. Yelda Turkan is an associate professor in the School of Civil and Construction Engineering at Oregon State University. She holds a PhD in Civil Engineering from the University of Waterloo in Canada. She holds BS degrees (double major) in Civil Engineering and Geomatics Engineering, as well as a MS degree in Remote Sensing, all from Istanbul Technical University. Dr. Turkan’s research interests and experience are centered on computer vision and machine learning applications for a sustainable and resilient Built Environment.