MPRL Research

There are a variety of research projects in progress year-round in MIME. The MPRL provides a place for students to explore the many aspects of research, including design, machining, and final assembly. With our skilled staff, outstanding training courses, and excellent equipment, we are able to produce parts that meet or exceed the high level of precision demanded by research.

Our advanced prototyping capabilities allow us to manufacture a wide assortment of parts needed for MIME-based research; we also support research work in other units on campus such as Chemistry, Agriculture, and Health and Human Performance.

The arrival of our new CNC and rapid prototyping machines has given us the capabilities to make our machining more accurate and precise, and has consequently expanded the diversity of research that takes place within our department. We are proud of the research occurring at OSU, and we are tirelessly looking for new ways to improve our ability to make better components.