Transfer Students

The School of Chemical, Biological, and Environmental Engineering (CBEE) welcomes new transfer students every term to Oregon State University. Our undergraduate advising team is here to help you understand the transfer process and assess your standing within our majors prior to your arrival at OSU.

Course Requirements

Course requirements for CBEE majors, along with information about prerequisites and electives, can be found in our undergraduate advising guides for each of our majors. Please visit the CBEE Curriculum page for more information and access to the most recent versions of our advising guides.

** Please note that while much of the lower division coursework can be completed at other institutions, CBEE 211 and 212 have no approved equivalencies at other institutions. These courses must be completed before enrolling in upper division coursework in any of the CBEE majors. We do have a summer alternative to these courses, CBEE 280, which can be taken if approved by one of the CBEE undergraduate advisors. 

Oregon Community College Transfer Students

Most of the lower division coursework for a CBEE major can be completed at community colleges throughout Oregon. Below are transfer guides for Oregon Community College students. These include sample course plans for students wishing to spend two years at the community college and course equivalencies from our most common transfer institutions.

If you have any questions about how your courses will transfer towards a CBEE degree, email any of our advisors or email our general advising email at

Transfers from Outside of Oregon

If you are transferring to OSU from outside of Oregon or from an institution that is not shown on the course articulations page. Please consult with one of our advisors if you need assistance with course planning or understanding the process of transferring to OSU.

Additional Information on Credit Transfers

Many courses from other institutions will transfer to OSU with the course numbers "LDT" or "UDT", which indicate lower division or upper division transfer courses. This indicator means that OSU is not aware of a direct equivalent of this course at OSU; however, many of these courses can still apply towards your degree requirements. If you have courses transferring to OSU as LDT or UDT, please consult with one of the CBEE advisors to determine if these courses can be applied towards your degree requirements.