Computer Science Option: Business and Entrepreneurship

To submit a proposed plan of study, use the Applied CS Program webform.

Computer science and business are both highly desired, especially when mixed together. Many CS companies start small and these companies need employees that have the basics to help make a company grow successfully. Business is also desirable with CS because it can add management and communication skills to a technological degree. Students that choose this option are setting themselves up for a number of opportunities:

  • Students gain the experience to create their own start-up or business.
  • Students have the background necessary to work with other smaller companies.
  • Students can work with a business advisor to be prepared for an MBA program.

Students must apply for and receive the business minor. They should contact the College of Business for the latest requirements. In addition to completing the 32 credit minor, students need to take CS 440 Database Management Systems for the Business and Entrepreneurship Applied Program.