Engineering is an increasingly global profession. An international experience can provide you with necessary skills to work effectively with people from around the world and give you the opportunity to gain an international perspective of engineering. Employers in engineering, academia, non-profits, local, state, federal and international agencies value the skills and experiences gained by students who go abroad.

A student has two options to go abroad The first option is to study abroad at a foreign university. This is the type of experience most people think of when planning a studying abroad experience. We send students to universities around the world every year, usually on an exchange basis to universities we have partnered with. The second option is to do an international internship through IE3 or something advertised within your department. These internships allow students to gain work experience, and academic credit as well as valuable inter-cultural skills. There are a very limited number of internships available in engineering. If a student is considering attending medical school after graduation then this program provides invaluable experience.

Engineering involves an extremely structured set of courses, but with careful planning, there is an international experience that will work for every engineering student. If you plan on studying abroad as an engineering student, early planning is essential to matching courses abroad to the structured curriculum here at Oregon State.  It is never too early to start planning. Freshmen who are interested in studying abroad should schedule an appointment with a Study Abroad Student Coordinator to learn how to integrate their international experience into their academic plan, even if they don’t plan to go abroad until their 3rd, 4th, or 5th years. Schedule an appointment today!

Below we have displayed the number of students who have been abroad from 2008-2011 broken down by major. Help increase your major’s numbers by going abroad!


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