The Oregon State University College of Engineering’s Strategic Plan 2015-2020 details four goals and objectives around community, academics, research, and partnership that support one overarching vision: to create a better future. This plan, developed in support of the university’s strategic plan, will further establish the College of Engineering as an institution that transforms lives and enhances society through impactful education and research.

The college’s marketing and communications plan is developed to enhance the college’s credibility and reputation. Its strategies and tactics reflect the vision, mission, core values, goals, and objectives of the strategic plan. Its successful implementation requires communicating consistent messages and presenting a unified, integrated look.

I ask that you familiarize yourself with the Sub-Brand Identity Guidelines and diligently apply them in all you do as we collectively work to advance the College of Engineering.

Go Beavs!

Scott A. Ashford, Ph.D.
Kearney Professor and Dean

Sub-brand Guide

Our Brand Positioning
Our Voice
Our Colors
Our Photography
Our Graphic Elements
Our Companion Logos

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Sub-brand Tools
The logos below must be used in accordance with university guidelines.
Oregon State University logo
The College of Engineering companion logo may be used in certain situations. Requests can be sent to
Letterheads & Envelopes
Letterheads: B/W, Color
Envelopes: B/W, Color
PowerPoint Templates
CBEE: Option 1, Option 2
CCE: Option 1, Option 2
COE: Option 1, Option 2
EECS: Option 1, Option 2
MIME: Option 1, Option 2
NSE: Option 1, Option 2
Faculty social media manual