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Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

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Mission, Vision, and Goals

As a leader in developing solutions to global challenges, by 2025 the Oregon State University College of Engineering will drive economic, social, and environmental prosperity. We will be a top 25 engineering college that delivers some of the best engineering talent in the world. Our graduates will be equipped with the knowledge, skills, and passion to advance innovative solutions. Our research results will solve many of the world’s most pressing problems.


We will continue to contribute to the university’s strategic goal of standing with America’s top 10 land grant universities by building on the four-fold increase in results we achieved during the past decade. We will support the university’s commitment to building solutions for healthy people, a strong economy and a sustainable environment by leveraging the alignment between business and engineering to create economies of scale, foster greater collaboration, and encourage synergies in teaching, research, and innovation.

Already we have created valuable new learning opportunities for students, and our research has established new areas of investigation that benefit humanity and fuel prosperity in Oregon and the world. As we embark on our next major transformation, we will adopt strategies that set us on the path to global leadership. We will be known for preparing students for leadership in the global economy. We will be recognized as a leader in translating research results into innovative solutions that impact our world. Our strategy for success will focus on five key themes:


Recruit and retain world-class, innovative, and diverse faculty and students who are committed to working in a collaborative manner. Double our faculty and increase the number of doctoral students by close to 400 percent. Permit modest increases in undergraduate and master’s student enrollment.


Expand opportunities for authentic engineering experiences within courses and curricula. Use projects, research, internships, national competitions, and student clubs to foster work-ready graduates. Establish a practicum-based leadership curriculum to prepare leadership-ready graduates. Provide unique graduate experiences by teaching comprehensive systems perspectives through participation in large collaborative research centers. Increase opportunities for students and faculty to experience and understand the commercialization process.


Increase our national and international leadership positions in existing areas and transition into new research areas. Expand strategic research partnerships with industry, academic institutions, government and other entities to support additional major research centers. Go global in connections and relevance. Ensure that more research ideas achieve impact by moving them through adoption, licensing, and commercialization. Grow our research expenditures by 400 percent.


Create cutting-edge research facilities by aggressively pursuing the renovation of existing facilities and the construction of new facilities. Increase our available education and research space by 450,000 square feet.


Cultivate private funding to secure $750 million to support faculty, facilities, and students.

Metrics and Targets

Five areas of strategic focus

By 2025, the Oregon State University College of Engineering will match the targets for degrees, research, and commercialization seen at top 25 engineering colleges. We will build the financial framework to achieve this goal through public investment, modest tuition growth, and securing private funds of $750 million over the next 15 years to support the following:

  • Faculty endowment funds that enable us to double faculty (from 120 to 240): 400 million
  • Private matching funds to construct 450,000 gross sq. ft. of new buildings: $150 million
  • Fellowship and scholarship endowments to support 200 students: $150 million
  • Seed funds for innovation and equipment: $50 million