OSU College of Engineering research and innovative ideas solve tangible problems and make vital contributions to the economy. The National Academy of Engineering summarizes the important role played by academic engineering, stating:

“the value of engineering research is its capacity to solve real-world problems. Engineering research has provided the systematic underpinnings for the design, analysis, production, and operation of products and systems … [and] … academic engineering research provides the setting for advanced training and education of our nation's most able technical specialists. It is from this reservoir of talent that the most creative technical ideas which underpin industrial progress and economic growth have emerged.”

These Smart Contacts Could Transform Diabetes Care

Contact lenses packed with transparent sensors might one day help people with diabetes to monitor their blood sugar levels, a new study finds.

These sugar-sensing lenses would give people a way to check their blood sugar levels without drawing blood, according to the scientists.

Typically, people with diabetes monitor their blood sugar by making a tiny prick in their fingertip to draw blood, and then using a small device to measure blood sugar levels. It hurts, and some have to do this several times a day.

Two-legged robot "Cassie" demonstrates complex locomotion

Oregon State University launches a robot business aimed at bringing ''legged locomotion'' to wide-scale use. Matthew Stock reports.