From the College of Engineering at Oregon State University, this is "Engineering Out Loud"—a podcast telling the stories of how our research and innovation here are helping change the world out there

Season 5: Partners in Research II

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Season 5, Episode 6: Partnering for Nuclear Nonproliferation

How do you prove a country tested a nuclear weapon, and who’s keeping an eye on this stuff? Researchers at Oregon State and University of Michigan are part of the crew doing this work.  

Harish Gadey, Abi Farsoni, and Steven Czyz show off their radioxenon detector.

Harish Gadey, Abi Farsoni, and Steven Czyz show off their radioxenon detector. 

Season 5, Episode 5: Taming Software Development with Teamwork

How are Oregon State researchers impacting the apps on your phone? Danny Dig and his team have been improving software for companies like Microsoft, IBM, Intel, Boeing, and Google for years by developing tools that find and fix bugs. Dig is an associate professor of computer science at Oregon State and an adjunct professor at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Danny Dig and Ameya Ketkar develop tools to help programmers create software that is more reliable, faster, and more secure.

Danny Dig and Ameya Ketkar develop tools to help programmers create software that is more reliable, faster, and more secure.

Season 5, Episode 4: Partnering to Make Timber Harvesting Safer

How do you help reduce risk in the nation's most dangerous occupation? Researchers at Oregon State University are partnering with Blount International to help make timber harvesting equipment safer. To understand a specific type of accident that occurs in the field, they’ve designed and built a machine to recreate it in the safety of a shipping container.

Associate professor John Parmigiani

John Parmigiani (right), associate professor of mechanical engineering, and graduate student Alex Orawiec inspect chainsaw bars.

Season 5, Episode 3: Harmonizing with the Ocean to Harness Wave Energy

How do you harness the energy of the ocean? Oregon State alumni Alex Hagmuller and Max Ginsburg cofounded Aquaharmonics to try and figure it out: starting with a wave energy device prototype they tested in a bathtub. Today, they're backed by millions of dollars from the U.S. Department of Energy, partnering with Sandia National Laboratories, and are on course for ocean testing with a full-size wave energy converting buoy.

Max Ginsburg works on the Aquaharmonics wave energy device prototype

Max Ginsburg works on the Aquaharmonics wave-energy device prototype.

Season 5, Episode 2: Glued Together--Partners in Mass Timber Building

Can you build skyscrapers or other massive structures with wood? Mass timber buildings are changing skylines and changing the way engineers and architects think about building big with wood. They go up faster than steel and concrete. They cost less. They’re made from sustainable resources, and they’re getting taller and taller.

Iain Macdonald (left) and Andre Barbosa (right) Iain Macdonald (left), director of the Tallwood Design Institute, and Andre Barbosa, assistant professor of structural engineering at Oregon State University, at the construction site for the Oregon Forest Science Complex, a mass timber building.

Season 5, Episode 1: Teaming with Robots

How do you talk to a robot? How about 250 robots? Julie A. Adams, professor of computer science, describes her research on human-robot interaction and the benefits and challenges of drone swarms.

Julie Adams

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