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Our Impact

Student in lab

Ideas that influence the world: Our impact is global—from our teams of researchers dispatched around the world to study natural disasters, to the international businesses launched by enterprising faculty and alumni. But we also are committed to working with local enterprises to help improve the economic, social, and environmental landscape of the Pacific Northwest.

We collaborate with the Office for Commercialization and Corporate Development to move ideas to market. We also have a stake in several joint research operations, such as the Oregon Nanoscience and Microtechnologies Institute, the Microproducts Breakthrough Institute, and the Oregon Built Environment and Sustainable Technologies Center. The result of our collaboration shows—in new jobs, new spinouts, and better ways to do business.

Come learn about our research breakthroughs that are helping us to understand global challenges and phenomena. These researchers include Solomon Yim, whose underwater explorations helped scientists unearth the impact of tsunamis on coral reefs.