Endowment Fund Recognizes Adams' Contributions to College

Story Posted: 12/12/2011

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At a special banquet held in his honor on Nov. 17, 2011, Ron Adams was recognized for the numerous contributions he made during his time as dean of the College of Engineering. Creation of the Ronald L. Adams Endowed Fund for Excellence by alumni and friends of the college was announced. The fund will be used by future engineering deans to provide strategic investments in the college. Its value is approaching $350,000 and additional contributions are welcome.

Lee Kearney (’63 CE), a member of the dean’s advisory committee and a member of the steering committee for Oregon State’s first comprehensive campaign, presented to Adams a scroll describing the fund and listing initial contributors. “This fund is an amazing statement about the future,” said Adams. “It will help engineering faculty and students achieve success for years to come and it will help continue the momentum we have established toward reaching the top 25. My heartfelt thanks to all contributors to the fund.”

Kearney also shared some of the college’s successes under Adams’ leadership. A short list includes: constructing the Kelley Engineering Center and the tsunami wave basin, remodeling Kearney and Weatherford Halls, establishing numerous opportunities to give students hands-on engineering experiences, increasing dramatically the number of top Oregon high school students who choose the college, supporting commercialization and research innovations, and helping to establish several signature research centers in Oregon.

“He has created an engineering program among the best in the nation,” said Kearney. “He has operated with sincerity and integrity, always placing OSU’s interests foremost.”

Adams was appointed by President Ed Ray as executive associate vice president for research at Oregon State University in Sept. 2011.