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Ron Adams & Students Today, America’s engineering colleges have the capacity to critically influence the future of this nation and the world. Our need for secure, sustainable sources of energy — and for economically and environmentally sound approaches to infrastructure development — is driving us to heighten our focus on delivering engineers who are capable of addressing these issues in the years to come. Meanwhile, engineering institutions throughout the country are also intensifying their efforts to achieve technological breakthroughs today.

At Oregon State our work in these areas centers on an initiative we call SENERGI, Sustainable Energy and Infrastructure. The SENERGI initiative has goals that are both demanding and practical. We are working to discover high-impact solutions, commercialize breakthroughs and develop engineering leadership. To attain those objectives, faculty and students are working on projects across the spectrum of energy production and efficiency.

Together with educational, government and industrial partners, Oregon State project teams are bringing a fresh perspective to critical energy issues. We are also attracting record numbers of students, expanding our collaborative focus and spinning out new ideas into commercial enterprises spanning renewable and nuclear energy generation as well as energy conservation technologies.

At the core of SENERGI is our world-class faculty. This exceptional team of educators and researchers attracts and inspires talented students through their innovative teaching and dedicated mentoring, as well as by providing a wealth of learning opportunities both within and beyond the classroom. Intent on finding solutions to society’s most pressing technological and environmental problems, they play leading roles in numerous cross-institutional collaborations that serve as additional venues for student learning and engagement.

In the following pages, you will see great examples of the faculty talent that abounds in the College of Engineering and how their research is opening doors and creating opportunity for our students, both locally and internationally, while delivering impact through SENERGI.

Ron Adams

Ron Adams, Dean of Engineering