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From: Greg Davis [mailto:greg at overwatchimaging.com]

I hope all is going well there with the drone program!  I look forward to following up with you and your team about collaboration around customizable imaging payloads for various OSU research needs.

I write today to ask for your help getting the attached internship job description in front of the right audience at OSU.  If you could pass this on or put me in touch with students, probably graduate level but potentially an advanced undergrad, in computer science or other engineering fields who are excited about UAS and image processing, I would really appreciate it.

I noticed an upcoming event on GPU processing (http://calendar.oregonstate.edu/event/113808/), and thought that it would probably have a set of students attending who would be interested in this internship.  Are you familiar with these events?  Seems pretty interesting!

The internship is paid, and based in Hood River.  We hope to hire someone in March.  Interested applicants can learn more on our website, www.overwatchimaging.com/careers<http://www.overwatchimaging.com/careers>.

Thanks Mark,

Greg Davis, Overwatch Imaging
Founder, Business Development
1631 Woods Court, Suite 103
Hood River, OR 97031 USA
Office: (541) 716-4832
Mobile: (541) 645-0545
greg at overwatchimaging.com<mailto:greg at overwatchimaging.com>

Overwatch Imaging

1631 Woods Court, Suite 103 Hood River, OR 97031

Job Description for Hire

 Title: Computer Vision Engineering Intern

Position Description: The Overwatch Imaging ComputerVision Engineering Intern will design and implement softwarefor real-time, onboard image processing to transform raw UASimagery into customer intelligence.

Company Description: Based in beautiful Hood River, Oregon,Overwatch Imaging is a small business focused on bringing the benefits of aerial imaging to large-scale civil, commercial, andspecial-purpose applications. Overwatch makes customized imaging payloads designed for long-endurance aircraft. Ourproducts allow mid-sized UAS and small manned aircraft tocollect precision survey maps, conduct autonomous search and detection roles, and provide real-time image-based intelligence to users. Overwatch payloads feature onboard imageprocessing, which we leverage to reduce operator workload, accelerate data processing workflows, and identify hard-to-findsmall signals from large datasets.

Major Areas of Responsibility:

• Object Detection Algorithm Development: Identifiesmethods and creates software to detect hard-to-findsignals from a variety of imagery situations.
• Representative Imagery Collection: Gathers imagedata from aircraft, manned or unmanned, to develop and test object detection software.
• Image Processing Software Programming: Supportsdevelopment of image manipulation

programs for deployment in Overwatch airborne payloadsor ground stations, to accelerate data extraction and simplify post-processing workflows.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

• Experience and Education:
o Pursuing an advanced degree in computer science,aeronautical engineering, optics, or related fields.
o Hands-on experience with unmanned aircraft andairborne imaging.
o Academic or professional experience with image processing software, machine learning techniques, and autonomous systems.
• Technical Competence:
o Programming in C, C++, CUDA,OpenCV, MATLAB, and Java
o​Imagery Manipulation and Image-Based Object Detection
o UbuntuOperating System for GPU Hardware
o Photography and Video Imagery Collection
• Character Attributes:
o Highly motivated self-starter able to work independently
o Enjoys hands-on work andlearning new skills
o Eager to learn and solve real-worldproblems
o Collaborates well in a small team environment

Location: This position is based in Hood River, Oregon.
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