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</>Hi Tina,

My name is Ann Van Zee and I work at the Conservation Biology Institute here in Corvallis.

We have a Software Engineer job posting we'd like to send to you with the hope that it could be circulated within the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science group.

The link to our website with the posting can be found here:


I also attached the job posting as a document.

Is there a formal process I need to go through to post this job or are you able to circulate?

Thanks in advance for your help and I hope you are having a great Tuesday.

Software Engineer - February 2017
The Conservation Biology Institute (CBI) <https://consbio.org/> is a non-profit organization of scientists, technicians, and software engineers - providing scientific and technical expertise to support the conservation and recovery of biological diversity. We are looking for a software engineer to create and contribute to amazing software used across a wide range of projects, from client-facing web mapping and data visualization applications, to scaling our mapping, data, and science delivery platforms. On a given day, you could be hand-crafting a beautiful data visualization tool, developing cutting-edge map server technology, or working closely alongside CBI’s clients and stakeholders to develop and refine conservation-oriented applications.
Are you someone who cares about protecting the world around you, but aren't sure how your coding skills can make an impact? Are you someone excited by the opportunity to work with scientists, grassroots organizations, individuals and others to find solutions to the world's pressing conservation problems? We want someone who is passionate about combining their talents with those of scientists and others on staff to develop and deliver solutions to the world’s pressing conservation problems.
We are looking for a person who is a:
● Creative, results-oriented problem solver: fully understanding the problem and successfully delivering an innovative solution has special meaning to you. You have a solid understanding of the tradeoffs between exploratory creative work, elegant solutions, and delivering rock-solid, scalable products, and know when to focus on each.
● Intuitive, design-oriented user advocate: being able to see our software from a user’s perspective, and how that impacts user interface and user interaction design, gives you a special drive. You have a strong sense of visual design and flow, and can bridge between the user’s needs and the software that enables them to be more effective.
● Team player: working with a diverse range of staff - including scientists, software engineers, communications specialists, GIS analysts, and more - is the “secret sauce” behind what we do. We succeed by helping each other win, together.
● Self-directed learner: you are excited about expanding your capabilities, and teach others your newly acquired knowledge. We adopt new technologies to meet highly dynamic requirements; being able to learn new languages, toolkits, skills, and approaches is a must.
● Highly-organized, self-motivated individual: you enjoy creating software amidst highly dynamic priorities, jumping between high-level and detail-oriented aspects of a given problem, and managing yourself successfully with little direction.
● Effective communicator: you're good at sharing your ideas with a broad array of teammates, clients, and stakeholders, and you know when and how to tailor the content to the recipient.
Our software development team is a small, collaborative group of software developers, each of whom lead in their own way. We are committed to open source development and are actively working toward building reusable components in the open. We rely heavily on Python, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Amazon Web Services, distributed version control (git and mercurial), and relational databases (MySQL, Postgresql). We often deal with multiple aspects of data processing, analysis, and visualization, ranging from desktop GIS to building cutting-edge geospatial servers to development of custom web-based data interpretation tools.
Salary and Benefits:
Salary is dependent upon experience. Benefits include:
● medical, dental, vision, life, and disability insurance
● paid vacation, holiday, and sick days
● employer matched Simple IRA retirement plan
● flexible work schedules
● opportunity to work with many awesome, passionate, and talented people on interesting projects that make a difference in the world
Application Process:
Want to join the team? Let us know:
● why you are interested in developing software solutions for conservation problems.
● your past experience, especially as it relates to problem solving using software, web application development, and data processing.
● examples of your work: GitHub profile, web applications you’ve developed, etc
For extra credit, try one of these:
● design an informative map in Data Basin <https://databasin.org/>
● code up a data-driven example map using Leaflet <http://leafletjs.com/>
● find a particularly intuitive and easy to use web-based application, and tell us what makes it so effective.
This position will be located in CBI’s Corvallis Office. We are not looking for remote staff at this time.
Please send materials to Ms. Pamela Frost, Vice President & Chief Operations Officer (pfrost at consbio.org)
CBI is an equal opportunity provider and employer and it is our policy to maintain a work environment free of discrimination and harassment against any person on the basis of age, gender, race, national origin, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, political beliefs, physical ability, veteran, marital or family status.
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