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Oggetto: FW: Coding Employee - Job Description
Raffaele and Mariapaola,

Below is a scope of the project and skills of the person needed to support the comfort app and sensors for the SMART CLT project.  I am in a position to provide hourly summer employment through the UO to an interested student. There is not project budget for this so it will be coming out of my start up package. Please send to interested students and have them reach out to me, Andrew and Stephanie.

Thank you!

The SMART-CLT project team is looking for an employee who can create a
new Android OS and Apple iOS smart phone application through the
modification of existing code from a previously created Android
application. This application will help in measuring the performance of
a mass timber building in terms of user comfort within that space.

The existing application code was built from C++ (for PC operation) and
JAVA (for Android operation). The existing application allows users to
provide input on several measurable comfort indicators in their
workspace (temperature, lighting, air velocity) using slider bars on the
phone's touch screen. The application will need to be updated in the
following ways: 1) to be compatible with the current version of Android
OS, 2) to be compatible with Apple iOS, 3) to replace one existing
indicator slider bar (lighting) with a new one (vibration), and 4) to
have the updated application communicate over Wi-Fi with a set of
sensors that will be measuring the physical conditions of mass timber
building, just as the existing application does. The goal is to collect
both subjective data from the phone application and to correlate it with
objective data collected by the sensors. Together this information will
help demonstrate how the mass timber building is performing in terms of
user comfort.

The ideal candidate will be self motivated and have experience with
programming/coding in C++ (Visual Studio), the Android Platform (Java),
and the Apple iOS platform. Strong communication skills are desired as

Kevin Van Den Wymelenberg, PhD

Director, Energy Studies in Buildings Laboratory<https://blogs.uoregon.edu/esbl/>;

Co-Director, <https://biobe.uoregon.edu/> Biology & The Built Environment Center<https://biobe.uoregon.edu/>;<https://biobe.uoregon.edu/>

Associate Professor of Architecture, University of Oregon

kevinvdw at uoregon.edu<mailto:kevinvdw at uoregon.edu>     cell:458.210.7303

Adjunct Professor of Mechanical Engineering

University of Idaho, Integrated Design Lab

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