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Batten, Tina tina.batten at oregonstate.edu
Thu Jul 13 18:03:44 PDT 2017

We are looking for - Full-time/Internships

We are a growing team of interdisciplinary team of researchers, scientists and engineers located in Mountain View, CA geared towards creating cutting edge products at the intersection of science, technology and design.

The team is led by Sr. Vice President Pranav Mistry and part of SRA consisting of experts who have previously worked at top-notch places such as MIT, Stanford, CMU, Oxford and others. We are passionate about inventing vision centric future products and experiences.

We aim at creating real-world impact by turning disruptive concepts into products that connects digital world with physical world through experience-centric future products and technologies. We aim to create real world impact by turning ideas into products. Its work covers a large time scale, from products that are ready to be mass-produced, to ideas that will take many years to come to fruition. The creation of prototypes is integral to the team's approach, and it creates new product classes, re-imagines existing products, and explores new materials, technologies, and affordances toward the goal of showing how a future technology can work, and the path to bringing it to reality for the masses. More information can be found at http://thinktankteam.info
While we are open to expertise in many fields, we are specifically searching for:

Computer Vision Researchers
with proven track record in object recognition, object tracking, SLAM, sensor fusion, deep learning, 3D sensors, applications in AR/VR etc.

Software Engineers
with background in building applications across platforms such as web, smartphones, tablets and others.

Low-level software hackers
who aren't afraid to edit the kernel or build their own OS, but also know how to work at the application layer.

Electrical Engineers
who can combine serious hands-on EE chops with physical prototyping and software development skills.

Full-time and intern positions are available year-around. If interested, please send your brief self-introduction/CV and portfolio to ttt-hire at samsung.com

From: Pardip Dhillon [mailto:p.dhillon1 at samsung.com]
Subject: Internship Program Opportunities at Samsung Research America

I would like to get in touch with the person who can help with circulating our fall internship program here at Samsung Research America, we have many openings and would like to reach out to your school for more information.  Please see the attached intern flyer for more information.  We understand there is an online job posting but we want to penetrate the classroom and career centers as well.  Could you please get me in touch with the right person?  I look forward to hearing back from you.

Thank you!

Best Regards,
Pardip K. Dhillon | Talent Acquisition Coordinator
Samsung Research America
645 Clyde Avenue | Mountain View, CA 94043
*: 650-934-6672 W
*:p.dhillon1 at samsung.com
*: www.sra.samsung.com<http://www.sra.samsung.com/>
[cid:BEF8154DDC558343B0658F294094AB74 at samsung.com][cid:7D2171BB47C89E4AB0781129E190A332 at samsung.com]

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