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Product Test Engineer internship opening at ADI


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Hello all,

We're going to be hiring a Product Test Engineer at NWLabs in the near future, and would appreciate
resumes of any students you have available for such an internship this summer.  Ideally we'd have the
person in as an intern this summer and strongly consider them for a permanent position after they graduate.
So a current Junior or someone mid-way through a graduate program, graduating either next winter
or next summer would be perfect.

The position will be for a product test engineer - we're looking for someone who enjoys board-level
design, doing work at the bench, and some amount of test equipment automation and software writing.
Future work for a hired PTE would likely include customer application support, but likely would not include
a path to IC design.  PTE is its' own specialty, and we value that experience at ADI.

If you have resumes of students you'd like us to consider, please encourage them to send their resume
to myself, at Richard.soenneker at analog.com<mailto:Richard.soenneker at analog.com>.

We're located in Beaverton, OR, and are very flexible on start and stop dates for the internship this
spring/summer/fall would all work.

Richard Soenneker
Senior Design Engineer, RF and Microwave Group, Analog Devices
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