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From: "O'Connell, Katie A" <Katie.A.O'Connell at boeing.com<mailto:Katie.A.O'Connell at boeing.com>>
Subject: RE: Registration closes Feb. 1

<snip> I would encourage your students to explore our internship opportunities online, we recently posted a new engineering internship requisition #1700001148 that is available on our website.  I have also provided some information below in regards to applying.  Thank you,

To be considered for an internship, a candidate must first create a profile and submit an application through Boeing’s career website: www.boeing.com/careers<http://www.boeing.com/careers>.

All of our internship requisitions are currently posted for the Fall timeframe (September – December) with limited additional opportunities posted in the Spring.  All hiring for internship opportunities typically is completed by early April.  Students with a sophomore or junior standing are eligible as are 5th year students or those graduating and entering a master’s program that fall.

For students interested in finding more information about our internships we recommend the following:

·         Visit the Boeing College Career Website: www.boeing.com/careers/college<http://www.boeing.com/careers/college> to search the available information about our internship programs and offerings.

·         When creating a profile, we recommend including the following information: GPA, expected graduation date (month/year), relevant coursework, community involvement/leadership experience, and any other work experience (even if it appears to be unrelated to the internship).

·         Students may also set up job notifications while creating their profile to ensure that they receive information about future job openings related to their interests and qualifications.

·         Students should also visit our new page that has tips, FAQs, and our internship cycle on it.  http://www.boeing.com/careers/college/intern-tips.page   <http://www.boeing.com/careers/college/intern-tips.page>

Katie O’Connell (Hendrickson)
Recruiter | Global Staffing
The Boeing Company

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