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Subject: MLD Engineering Position Descriptions

Thin-Film Coating Engineer

The Thin-Film Coating Engineer is a member of the MLD Engineering Group, reporting to the company's Engineering Manager. Core activities include multilayer coating design and analysis, substrate cleaning and deposition process development/qualification, post-coating inspection and data analysis, process documentation, and supervision of a junior-level process engineer and process technicians. In addition, the Thin-Film Coating Engineer works in close collaboration with the Engineering Group's Process Control Engineer, and proactively supports Application Engineering, Program Management, and the Production Group's with technical guidance on new and current projects.

Minimum BS in engineering or related discipline, preferably in physics, optics, materials science, electrical engineering, or chemical engineering.

Minimum of 3 years design experience with OptiLayer, TFCalc, FilmStar, Essential Macleod, or a similar thin-film coating design program, and in-depth understanding of thin-film deposition technologies (sputtering and/or evaporation) and related metrology methods.

Position Requirements:
* Consistent adherence to safety procedures, clean room protocols, and the 5S methodology of workplace orderliness and cleanliness.
* Strong verbal and written communication skills.
* Self-motivated individual contributor with good time management habits, and the willingness to mentor junior-level teammates.
* Good computer competency, including MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access, with some CAD (SolidWorks or AutoCAD) and LabVIEW experience.
* Experience with thin-film design software (OptiLayer, TFCalc, FilmStar, Essential Macleod) required.
* Familiarity with mathematical (MATLAB, Mathematica) and/or optical modeling software (Zemax, OSLO, Code V) is also desirable.
* Hands-on experience with high vacuum systems, including active participation in preventative maintenance activities.
* Demonstrated ability to plan, execute, and document process and product development projects.
* Knowledge of experimental design and statistical process control is highly desirable.
* Must be a U.S. citizen.

Position Duties:
* Lead deposition processes, metrology, and equipment maintenance in the development and pilot production of Ion Beam Sputtered thin-film optical coatings.
* Design, analyze and adjust extreme performance multilayer thin-film coatings.
* Design and efficiently execute process development experiments, analyze experimental data, and then implement and monitor the effect of process changes.
* Develop work instructions and procedures to enable consistent coating process performance.
* Drive routine monitoring of coating equipment and process output, identification of surface defects, analysis of root cause, and implementation of robust counter measures.
* Work closely with the engineering Manager to schedule and supervise the daily work of a junior-level process engineer and a small team of process technicians.
* Collaborate with Applications Engineering and Program Management in the preparation of customer-ready project proposals and quotations.
* Assist the Production Group with technology transfer and troubleshooting of current process problems.

MLD Technologies, LLC
1000 South Bertelsen Road, Suite 14
Eugene, OR 97402

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