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Interested in participate in building a new platform for biodiversity discovery?  I'm seeking one or two people for part time coding jobs during the academic year, and (ideally) full-time jobs during the summer.  This is a paid position.

The project is called TaxonWorks, led by Matt Yoder et al. at University of Illinois (some limited information is at  http://taxonworks.org<http://http/taxonworks.org>). This open-source project seeks to built a platform for biodiversity discovery.  The student would work on system design and development, with most of the time coding.  Coding would primarily be in Ruby on Rails / JavaScript.  The student would work with me, as well as the TaxonWorks team in Illinois, as well as the OpenTree (http://opentreeoflife.org) and Arbor (http://www.arborworkflows.com) development teams.  I'd be happy to provide more details about the project to anyone who is interested.

I'm a faculty member in Integrative Biology who works on discovering new species and documenting biodiversity, and my role will be in part to be a user of TaxonWorks as it develops.  I also do a fair bit of coding myself (software for phylogenetic analysis, https://mesquiteproject.wikispaces.com), and will participate in some of the design and coding for TaxonWorks.

This is a paid position.  The number of hours per week is subject to negotiation.  It could be 10-20 hours a week during Spring/Fall/Winter terms, and 40 hours a week during the summer, but I am willing to consider candidates who have other commitments (such as classes during the summer that would decrease available hours).  The position could start as early as this term, and will need to begin by the start of the summer.  I would prefer candidates who could continue to work on the project in the Fall term, and potentially beyond.

Coding experience is required, with Ruby on Rails or JavaScript experience preferred.  If you don't have any experience in those languages, but are a bright, eager coder, then please be in touch.

If you are interested, or have any questions, please contact me, and send your resumé, with description of your coding expertise and experience, and the names and contact information of at least two people, one of whom would ideally have knowledge of your coding abilities.


David R. Maddison
david.maddison at science.oregonstate.edu<mailto:david.maddison at science.oregonstate.edu>

Department of Integrative Biology

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