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My name is Rosie Ryan, and I am the Senior Recruiter here at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, CO.  The reason I am reaching out is because we have an opportunity open for a full-time, Entry Level Electrical Engineer.

We are interested in considering individuals from your school who have recently completed their Bachelor's or graduate degree in an Electrical Engineering concentration, which is why I am reaching out.  I have attached a recruitment flyer here with some general information about the position.  I would really appreciate any help distributing this information out to your network if you could.
Also, if you or any interested individuals has questions about this opportunity, they can reach out to me directly.

Thank you very much,

Rosie (Schranz) Ryan

Senior Recruiter


National Center for Atmospheric Research

University Corporation for Atmospheric Research

rryan at ucar.edu<mailto:rryan at ucar.edu>

PO Box 3000

Boulder, CO  80307

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Entry Level Electrical Engineer
The National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) Earth Observing Laboratory’s (EOL) In‐Situ Sensing Facility (ISF) seeks a full‐time entry level Electrical Engineer to join a technical team of engineers, scientists, and technicians to support the development and deployment of advanced instrumentation for meteorological research.

Electrical engineering design  |  Development of atmospheric instruments
Field deployment and operation of EOL atmospheric instruments, primarily the dropsonde systems

EOL serves the advanced observational needs of the atmospheric science community by providing a flexible, state‐of‐the‐art backbone measurement capability applicable to a wide range of experimental needs ‐ emphasizing advanced sensor capabilities, sensor integration, system mobility, and the ability to deploy to remote or difficult locations throughout the world. A wide range of electrical engineering technologies is used in these instruments, including RF/analog, digital, embedded and communications systems. The Dropsonde system flies on NSF/NCAR’s aircraft, the NASA Global Hawk UAS, and many other aircraft worldwide, all having a significant impact in helping atmospheric scientists better understand severe weather like typhoons, hurricanes, and severe thunderstorms. This job provides the opportunity to be involved with all aspects of the instrument that has direct societal impacts.

Education and Experience Required:
•             Bachelor's degree in electrical engineering and at least one year of engineering experience; OR
•             an equivalent combination of education and experience (including internships and labs).
Recently‐graduated engineers are encouraged to apply.

Job Activities include:
  Work as part of a team to research, design, develop, integrate, test and troubleshoot specialized atmospheric instrumentation with emphasis on electronic circuit and embedded systems development and data analysis tools for atmospheric observations.
  Provide engineering manufacturing support to the production of dropsondes and proactive engineering planning/design for upgrades.
  Perform engineering system design and performance analysis using Computer Aided Design (CAD)
simulator tools.
  Perform final instrument system testing, field set‐up and field operations, and travel to the field in support of observations.
  Produce professional engineering documentation for instruments and projects.

NCAR provides a full range of benefits and opportunities for growth.
Apply online at http://ucarcareers.silkroad.com/
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