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Batten, Tina tina.batten at oregonstate.edu
Wed Apr 6 15:08:13 PDT 2016

Job category: Student worker in Civil and Construction Engineering
Salary range: $10-$15/ hour
Application accepted by: erdem.coleri at oregonstate.edu<mailto:erdem.coleri at oregonstate.edu>


Equations have been developed to predict the curing time (setting time) of asphalt binder. The setting time is dependent on temperature, wind, application rate, and type of binder used. Asphalt binder, or tack coats, are used in pavement construction to glue two layers of asphalt roadway together. Performance of the roadway is related to proper construction techniques, hence construction personnel (contractor’s) need to know when the “glue” has dried. A mobile app that can internally use the developed equations and user input for environmental factors would greatly help construction personnel in the field to better know the setting time of asphalt binder.

Role and Responsibilities

·         Develop code to meet requirements

·         Create application with user interface to input environmental parameters

·         Use developed equations with conditional formatting to determine set time

·         Provide a “count-down” timer and give user a notification once the time reaches zero (0).

Qualifications and Education Requirements

Currently be an OSU student in good academic standing

Preferred Skills
Skilled in writing and developing applications for Android and iOS

Erdem Coleri, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor and Loosley Faculty Fellow

School of Civil & Construction Engineering
Oregon State University
101 Kearney Hall, Corvallis, OR 97331
Phone: 541-737-0944

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