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Subject: [eecs-faculty] MBI Seminar--Mark Lausten, SunShot Initiative: 1pm, Thursday, July 24

Reducing Levelized Cost of Electricity from Concentrating Solar Power
1pm, Thursday, July 24
Metolius Room
Microproducts Breakthrough Institute
1110 NE Circle Blvd. (HP Corvallis Campus)

Mark W Lausten, PE
Technology Development Manager, CSP
SunShot Initiative, U.S. DOE Contractor
SRA International, Inc.
mark.lausten at ee.doe.gov<mailto:mark.lausten at ee.doe.gov>.

     The Department of Energy (DOE) supports research and development of concentrating solar power (CSP) technologies as a unique path to achieve SunShot Initiative cost targets. The SunShot Initiative goal is to reduce the levelized cost of electricity generated from concentrating solar power (CSP) to $0.06 per kilowatt hour (kWh) or less, without any subsidy, by the year 2020.
     CSP technologies use mirrors to reflect and concentrate sunlight onto receivers that collect solar energy and convert it to heat. Thermal energy can then be used to produce electricity via a turbine or heat engine driving a generator using different system configurations, such as trough, tower, linear Fresnel or dish, but they all share similar components. The unique value of Concentrating solar power systems is that they can supply solar power on demand through the use of thermal storage. The SunShot CSP program funds research and development within the industry, national laboratories and universities to achieve the technical and economic targets for collectors, receivers, power block, thermal storage, systems, and analysis.

     Mark is a registered professional engineer with a background in the power industry engineering, procurement, and construction. He began work for the Solar Energy Technologies Office in 2007, focusing on market barriers to large-scale solar deployment. He has watched the state of the concentrating solar power (CSP) market change from nearly barren to flourishing.
     Mark provides technical management for a portfolio of SunShot investments, with a primary emphasis on power cycles and solar collectors. This work allows him to be at the forefront of technologies that provide critical solutions necessary for CSP to thrive in both the near-term and future energy markets.

MBI Contact
Danielle Clair<mailto:danielle.clair at oregonstate.edu>
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