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Club Officers,

The COE Club Carnival is taking place May 29th this year and we hope to make it the best one yet! In case you’re not familiar with the Carnival, here<http://groups.engr.oregonstate.edu/ieee/web/carnival/> is a link with more information. In brief, it is an end up the year celebration for students, recruitment opportunity for clubs, fundraiser for the Linn Benton food bank and all around fun time for everyone! Each club puts together a booth/activity/game and staffs there booth for the 4 hour event. For example, there has been, and will be, a dunk tank filled with engineering professors and instructors that students vote in!

To get started, please compete the survey at the URL below.


We are hosting a meeting May 1st at 5pm in KEC 1005 for any club officers that haven’t attended the previous Carnival planning meetings. Bring your booth ideas and we’ll bring pizza! Let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you,

Garrett Clay
OSU IEEE Vice Chair
clayg at onid.oregonstate.edu<mailto:clayg at onid.oregonstate.edu>

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