[Eecs-news-links] Entry-Level Analog/Mixed-Signal Designer @ Cypress

Batten, Tina tina.batten at oregonstate.edu
Mon Nov 11 09:55:46 PST 2013

n our group we are looking to fill <snip> Entry level Analog/Mixed Signal designer - (Open for immediate hire)
The new hires<snip> would work on analog/mixed signal cicuits : - switched capacitor filters, amplifiers, delta sigma ADC, SAR, High performance opamps etc, as part of our design group.

Programmable analog/mixed signal circuits do one or more of the following : -

a) support multiple topologies per function
b) multiple functions per block
c) facilitate dynamic application tradeoffs like noise vs power vs speed etc

Such circuits would pose design and debug challenges that are in a class of their own. Working on such circuits and associated issues, provide an excellent oppurtunity for young engineers to grow into world class analog experts.

We are currently working on inventing our next cool programmable analog architecture and this would be a great time to join the group and take the design to the finish line and beyond.

Eagerly looking forward to your response.
Thanks and Best Regards

Eashwar Thiagarajan
Principal Electrical Design Engineer
Programmable Systems Division
Cypress Semiconductor, Lynnwood, WA
Email: ext at cypress.com
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