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"Fraukliu  PUD provitles quality services am/ achieves efficieucies that beuejit our commm1ity"

Job Title: Hourly Rate Headquarters:
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Summer  Engineering Intern


1411 W. Clark Street/Pasco

5:00 p.m. Friday, April12, 2013

Franklin PUD has an opening for an Engineering Student to work as an Intern in the Engineering Department. To be eligible, the applicant must be presently enrolled as an Electrical Engineering college student or will be enrolled as an Electrical Engineering college student in the fall of 2013. Course emphasis in power in preferred.

The position reports to the System Engineer. Pay is $15.00 per hour and the work schedule is expected to be a 40-hour week, Monday through Friday, during the summer, with some flexibility.

Job d11ties mainly include assistance in equipment inventory, data entry, drafting and updating the system design manuals and standards.

Job req11irements include good academic standing in an accredited college or university, strong communication  skills, initiative, and motivation, and the ability to apply learned concepts to solving practical problems. Experience with the Microsoft Office Suite AutoCAD is a plus. In addition, the student selected will have good writing skills, organizational skills, and the ability to interact positively with others.

Please mail or email your application and resume to Sylvia Hubbard, PHR, HR Generalist, P.O. Box 2407, Pasco, WA 99302; email shubbard at franklinpud.com <mailto:shubbard at franklinpud.com> by 5:00p.m. on April12, 2013. The application form can be found at  http://www.franklinpud.com/who/employment. <http://www.franklinpud.com/who/employment> A completed application form is required to be considered for employment.

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Date: March 12, 2013

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