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Position Description:  Website and Marketing Intern
General Summary:  Portland Christian Schools seeks an intern to manage website maintenance, design, and development, and to assist with marketing and related communications.
Duties and Responsibilities:

*         Maintain, update, and otherwise support Portland Christian's website content and web platform in both development and production environments, under supervision

*         Train and assist key personnel in website maintenance and support

*         Keep and organize written records of "how-to" instructions for the purpose of training other personnel in website maintenance and support

*         Initiate and establish relationships with other professionals as needed to design and implement website improvements

*         Initiate and maintain social media interaction with Portland Christian stakeholders and the public

*         Collect, research, analyze, and report on pertinent data acquired on the web and elsewhere (e.g., Google Analytics)

*         Assist with all means of communication to school families, faculty, staff, donors, and others

*         Assist with dissemination of information to the public via a variety of media

*         Assist with marketing campaigns, including design and broadcast of advertising materials through a variety of media

*         Perform miscellaneous office duties as assigned (answer phones, organize files, coordinate meetings, assist with mailings, coordinate volunteers, etc.)

*         Assist with school fundraising and enrollment events and activities

*         Assist with miscellaneous special projects

*         Engage in opportunities to work with students, faculty, and school families in classroom, extracurricular, and other settings.
Knowledge and Skills Required:

*         Must possess a minimum of a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Communications, or a related field.

*         Experience with Drupal development platform is strongly desired

*         Proficiency with, coding languages, systems, and software, including HTML, CSS, Google Analytics, and Adobe Creative Suite (experience with InDesign is preferred for the marketing component)

*         Familiarity with MySQL and PHP database management systems preferred

From: Taylor Luby [mailto:taylor.luby at pcschools.org]
Subject: Paid IT and Web Internships with Portland Christian Schools

Portland Christian Schools is offering two paid internship opportunities in the IT and Website/Marketing fields for the 2013-2013 academic year. Interns must be college graduates with a degree in computer science or a related field and be at least 21 years of age. You will find the job descriptions attached.

While we have posted these positions with campus job boards, in previous years we have found it is also effective to email department heads and academic advisors since they often pass job and internship opportunities directly to their students. If you know of any recent graduates who would be interested in either of our internships, we would welcome their applications.

If you have any questions about the positions please feel free to contact us. Thank you for your time.


Taylor Christine Luby

Portland Christian Schools
12425 NE San Rafael
Portland, Oregon 97230

Portland Christian Schools
2013 -2014 Vision and Call Internship INFORMATION

The PCS internship program is designed to provide young leaders with a balance of learning and service in a Christian educational environment.  Each intern will be involved in observation, training, education, and practice at both of our campuses. Through a variety of experiences, interns will have the opportunity to mature and develop skills in the theory and practice of Christian education.

Interns will focus on specific areas of learning and service; each intern will also receive varied exposure to the total ministry of Portland Christian Schools.  Experiences will include:

*         Training and study with administrators, teachers, and students

*         Ministry practice in a school setting

*         Practicum in specific fields of study

*         A variety of activities related to the non-profit needs of Christian education

*         General administrative work

It is our desire that, through this program, our Vision & Call interns will  have the opportunity to learn best practices as they relate to the non-profit world, to internalize the importance of policies and procedures in the realm of education administration, to gain an understanding of the relationships within the professional matrix, to become comfortable as contributing committee members, and to become familiar with the impact a Christian school society has on the learning environment and on the community at large.  Interns will be exposed to all aspects of Portland Christian Schools and the ministry we provide in educating students through a biblical world view.

The goals of the PCS Internship Program are:

1.   To provide hands-on training opportunities for individuals to develop leadership qualities and skills.
2.   To foster an environment which nurtures a Biblical perspective on education, instruction, communication, and learning.

We hope to accomplish these goals through the following objectives:

1.      To train individuals for active Christian leadership responsibilities in an educational ministry.

2.      To enhance individual methods of student facilitation, communication, and teaching practices.

3.      To model and teach the importance of discipleship relationships, one-on-one relationships, and community relationships.

4.      To provide life-context experiences with students and faculty in which Christ-like actions and attitudes can be modeled.

5.      To allow interns opportunities to intentionally seek God's will for life direction.

Through a generous grant by the M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust<http://www.murdock-trust.org/>, Portland Christian's 2013-2014 interns will receive a stipend.  This support is funded through the Trust's Vision and Call Grant, which is designed to support and inspire young leaders exploring a call into fields of vocational ministry.

Portland Christian Schools is seeking to fill two internship positions for the 2013-2014 academic year:

*         Website and Marketing Intern

*         Information Technology Help Desk Intern
Qualifications:  The intern must be a recent graduate from an accredited university with at least a Bachelors degree, must be at least 21 years of age, and must demonstrate a desire for service and growth in the field of education.  They must profess a personal commitment to Jesus Christ and display spiritual maturity.
Hours / wk:  30
Stipend:  Each intern will receive a stipend of $1350/month (taxes withheld)
Dates of Internship: 08-26-2013 - 6-13-2014

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