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Subject: [ece-grads-unregistered] [eecs-grads] IEEE Store Seeking Volunteers


The IEEE Student Chapter is now seeking volunteers to staff the IEEE Store. Located in the basement of Dearborn Hall, the store provides students with many common, esoteric, and special order electrical components and parts for their school or personal projects. Student volunteers are crucial to the operation of the store, which is entirely student-operated.

This is your opportunity to better serve the OSU community.  
Volunteering is easy, fun, educational, and it looks great on scholarship applications and resumes. A typical volunteer may work in the store for only one or two hours per week, although more time is certainly welcomed.

Please sign up with the time you would like to volunteer on the following doodle:

There will be an orientation for new volunteers on Monday April 8th at 4pm, in the store.


Marshal Horn
IEEE Store Manager
hornm at onid.orst.edu
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