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Subject: April 25th - WiN PubTalk - Launching Products: Tales from the Trenches

WiN April 25th Meeting

Launching Products: Tales from the Trenches!

So your new product is ready to go, it is tested and works great, you know it solves a customer need, so how do you actually launch it into the marketplace?

Come and hear four great panelists talk about how to (and not to) launch a new physical product.  Hear their stories, ask them questions, and take away tips for your own product launch.

Join us at the Corvallis Country Club, 6:00pm, Thursday April 25th.

Cost is $10, $5 with Student ID,

Food is included and drinks are available

Aaron Sarnoff of Two Towns Cider[http://api.ning.com:80/files/-ZwHeZG6vwYT9wS0oY324iRJw-ifUGeXHEfBpMFqN4KiF9M0vVTTjh7Q9CNzaOryTLVbigBkJVjaHFpF7-EanStWmYro6H3A/AaronSarnoff.png]

Ryan Kirkpatrick of Shwood sunglasses [http://api.ning.com:80/files/-ZwHeZG6vwbRvXf3x25uXZWs6H5RCTnuxrhhigNfu3*qlrvnOSAdAjpFiS6RkwjZ6tBdj1LKrThMapxXqp2o8GdOoM4hy3YF/Ryan.png]

Rachel Winkler of Trimble Navigation   [http://api.ning.com:80/files/-ZwHeZG6vwatV3ibZ4UYb5q49ThKNYalXNfvBJuAQUesuMdxd5TH2T9*SXyWuGatNVb7MvqLEio8POrMbPBRmZshQLHeX1Df/Rachel.jpg]

Lainie Turner of Madison Avenue Collective & Quicksilver Communications.[http://api.ning.com:80/files/-ZwHeZG6vwaiJBXgVLZzzDxYDlcqTGoR8WhBd*VJ*ml7a75bEhngkVaGVMfvJANH9qMKjYZbPvq8JOrNyHkYWDsR1ALwbUg7/Lainie.jpg]

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