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OSU Faculty and Advisors,

I represent the Human Services Resource Center here on campus, an office dedicated to helping students dealing with issues of poverty and food insecurity.  You may or may not already know about us and what we do.  I am contacting you because I am trying to extend outreach to students taking classes on campus.  Every term, we accept applications for Mealbux, which is a subsidy given to students based on need, for a few supplemental meals on campus every term.

I am attaching to this message a flier and a slide.  My hope is that you will have a few extra minutes to mention the access of Mealbux during your first class meeting.  We are asking members of the community, such as yourselves, who are dedicated to student success, to assist us in sharing this information.  Any time you can give is much appreciated.  Please feel free to use the slide and/or flier at your convenience.

If you would like more information about our office or services, our website is www.oregonstate.edu/hsrc<http://www.oregonstate.edu/hsrc>.  We also have a Facebook (www.facebook.com/osuhsrc<http://www.facebook.com/osuhsrc>) and Twitter account @OSUHSRC with up to date information on what we are up to.  You can also contact the HSRC Coordinator at clare.cady at oregonstate.edu<mailto:clare.cady at oregonstate.edu> or 737-9127.

Thank you,

Holly N. Wilburn
Internal Coordinator
Human Services Resource Center
230 Snell Hall/MU East
Internal.hsrc at oregonstate.edu<mailto:Internal.hsrc at oregonstate.edu>

Did you know that there are students on OSU campus who don't have food or a place to live?  The Human Services Resource Center and OSU Emergency Food Pantry are here on OSU campus to serve students dealing with issues of food and financial insecurity, homelessness, and poverty.  Email me to learn more.

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