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A big leap for materials testing

New lab helps researchers evaluate materials for constructability and performance.

Early access to open source

University open-source communities introduce first-year computer science students to the power of collaborative programming.

A culture of commercialization

Researchers make advances that have real-world impact.

Living labs

Higley has been examining potential radiation uptake and contamination in plants to better understand how nuclear disasters affect food sources.

Graduates in high demand

Demand for highly skilled technology designers and software engineers never really went away.

A novel approach to flood control

Leon wanted to understand why flash floods happen and how the water gains momentum. That curiosity and sense of wonder still drives him today.


A look at Oregon State University’s world-champion Formula SAE team.

Innovation with an impact

Oregon State’s Microproducts Breakthrough Institute focuses on bringing technology into the commercial sphere.


Mission: create a robot that can move as well and fluidly as a person can.

Culture of excellence

School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science attracts top talent.