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Computer science student beats odds, hopes to expand computer usability

Charles Hill is committed not just to his research and a desire to teach, but also in his personal life.

A new way to fuel cars with natural gas

OSU-Cascades professor and students team up to retool automobile engines and turn natural gas homes into vehicle fueling stations.

OSU's growing expertise in unmanned aerial vehicles

UAV research and academic offerings grow to match industry interest.

Engineering bridges to span centuries

Armin Stuedlein, Jason Ideker, and David Trejo develop techniques and materials to build resilient infrastructure.

Finding notes in the noise

Xiaoli Fern and Raviv Raich are using signal processing and machine learning to identify birds and understand their behavior.

Keeping it clean

ARCS scholar and Ph.D student Justin Pommerenck is using chemical engineering to treat wastewater.

Standing above in the classroom

From growing up on a ranch in Canada to becoming an engineering student and basketball player at Oregon State, Ruth Hamblin knows what it takes to succeed.

Simulating accidents

David Hurwitz aims to improve traffic safety

Engineering life on the edge of ice

Adam Higgins’ research in cryopreservation could one day cure sepsis, treat infertility, or even carry life out into space.

Getting involved…changing the world

Student Nicholas Kusanto owes his varied skills and global perspective to seizing opportunities.