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Beyond soft robotics

3D printing with silicone leads to new possibilities

Actor turned engineer

Vishvas Chalishazar now works to make the electrical grid more robust and resilient

2017 Engineering Graduate Research Showcase

Students share passion for research and learn new skills

Taking the gamble out of nuclear fuel supplies

Todd Palmer, professor of nuclear engineering, uses Monte Carlo simulations to find alternate nuclear fuel supplies.

'Explainer in Chief' Retires

Distinguished Professor Tom Dietterich, who is considered one of the founders of machine learning, is retiring this year from Oregon State University, where he spent his entire career of 31 years.

Kazakhstan to Oregon

On the road to becoming an Oregon State Engineer™

Cassie, a bipedal robot who is the next generation of ATRIAS

School of Mechanical, Industrial, and Manufacturing Engineering

Using drones to inspect highway bridges and improve safety

School of Civil and Construction Engineering