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Environmental engineering senior claims Fulbright scholarship

Stephanie Rich, who will graduate in June from the College of Chemical, Biological, and Environmental Engineering, will soon travel to Germany as a Fulbright scholar to research groundwater contamination.

Creating rocket scientists from scratch

It’s a story that seems made for Hollywood.

Turkish internship transformed chemical engineering seniors

James Mal and Jacob Malulani Lum didn’t expect to shake hands with a billionaire during their internship at Özyegin University in Turkey last summer.

Lock and dam

"To be a public servant is important." — Kevin Perletti

Construction launch recognizes donors’ visionary investment

Johnson Hall will be a place where faculty, students, and industry professionals can come together to teach, learn, and conduct leading-edge interdisciplinary research.

Sleepless in Chicago – reverse engineering global warming

Anna Herring and Linnéa Andersson often pull all-nighters at the Advanced Photon Source.

Computer science student beats odds, hopes to expand computer usability

Charles Hill is committed not just to his research and a desire to teach, but also in his personal life.

A new way to fuel cars with natural gas

OSU-Cascades professor and students team up to retool automobile engines and turn natural gas homes into vehicle fueling stations.

OSU's growing expertise in unmanned aerial vehicles

UAV research and academic offerings grow to match industry interest.

Engineering bridges to span centuries

Armin Stuedlein, Jason Ideker, and David Trejo develop techniques and materials to build resilient infrastructure.