Graduation Year: 

BS Engineering Physics 1973 - CCE

Upon graduating from OSU with a bachelor’s degree in engineering physics, Don Chambers joined the US Army Corps of Engineers. He served one tour as deputy chief of the Construction-Engineering Division and manager of the Restore Iraqi Electricity project for the Corps’ Gulf Region North District in Mosul, Iraq. He has worked in the Portland District for over 35 years and is now chief of the Engineering and Construction Division, supervising over 160 engineers. Chambers was the lead designer for Elk Creek Dam, worked on the second Powerhouse, and was Structures Section Chief during the design of the Bonneville new Navigation Lock and the Toutle River Sediment Structure Outlet Works. He was also the structural member of the Mount Pinatubo, Philippines Recover Action Plan team and had influence in the design of many of the current fish mitigation structures that exist today along the lower Columbia and in the Willamette Basin.