Graduation Year: 

BSEE 1970 - EECS

Bruce Hofer graduated from OSU in Electrical Engineering in 1970. He then joined Tektronix and made significant contributions to the development of high-speed analog oscilloscopes. He shifted to a leadership role in general purpose instruments and was responsible for the world' s first fully automated distortion analyzer and ultra-low distortion audio equipment. Later, in the Laboratory Instruments Division of Tektronix, he began work on digitizer products. In total, this work produced 12 patents. Following this experience he moved on to found and operate two, highly successful, hi-tech companies: Preamble Instruments, which produces precision amplifiers and probes, and is now part of Le Croy; Audio Precision, which has grown into the world' s leading supplier of audio test equipment, under his guidance as technical vice president.