Office of Student Services and First-Year Advising

Scheduling an appointment:

You will schedule your advising appointments through the "First Year Engineering Student" canvas site.

Drop-in Hours:

April 2nd - April 6th: 8:30-11:30 & 1:30-4:30pm (check-in),

Starting April 9th:  4:00-4:30 Monday - Friday
Johnson Hall 114

 Centralized Advisors (First-Year):

Sarah Kyllo

Professional Advisor 
Pre-Electrical and Computer Engineering
Pre-Radiation Health Physics
Pre-Computer Sciences (last name D-L)
Pre-General (last name M-Z)

114 Johnson Hall 

Michelle White

Professional Advisor 
Pre-Construction Engr. Management
Pre-General (last name A-L)
Pre-Mechanical (last name A-C)
Pre-Computer Sciences (last name M-R)

114 Johnson Hall 

Aaron Worley

Professional Advisor 
Pre-Computer Sciences (last name A-C)

114 Johnson Hall


Shannon McDonell-Bryant

Professional Advisor
Pre-Mechanical (last name D-Z)
Pre-Energy Systems

114 Johnson Hall

Academic Advisor

Pre-Computer Science (last name S-Z)

 *Students should schedule with
COE Head Advisor Brett Jeter


Johnson Hall 114

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Pre-Engineering Course Requirements by major

Roadmap to Success

First year Advising Syllabus

OSU First Year Website 

Undegraduate Policy Manual

Advisors for Returning & Transfer Engineering Students

Chemical, Biological, Environmental Engineering
Civil and Construction Engineering Management
Ecological Engineering
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Mechanical, Industrial, Manufacturing, and Energy Systems Engineering
Nuclear Engineering and Radiation Health Physics

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