The College of Engineering (COE) holds academic integrity as a core value. All students are expected to know and adhere to the OSU Student Code of Conduct. A Student Information Guide is available in English, Arabic, and Chinese. 

Academic dishonesty reports are handled initially within the COE. Signed and documented reports are turned over to the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards.   

All students are invited to respond to any academic dishonesty report that they are named in at the COE level. There is also a clearly defined appeal process at the university level. 

For more information on what constitutes academic dishonesty and resources for students, we recommend the Academic Integrity Tutorial available through the OSU Libraries Research Guides.  

As you do the Tutorial, we suggest you do all four parts: 1) the introduction video; 2) the terminology page; 3) the issues page and 4) the assessment portion. On each page, there are many different sources of information. Check out the pull down menus, the links to issues and videos, and other buttons and resources. On the Issues page, you will find videos from international students and their experiences, as well as videos from faculty, staff, and employers.

We expect our students and graduates to go out into our communities as engineers with advanced knowledge, up-to-date skills, and strong ethical standards, backed by a world-class degree.

For more information on academic integrity or academic dishonesty reports, please contact:

Tamara Belknap
College of Engineering
Assessment and Accreditation Coordinator
(541) 737-2584



If an Academic Dishonesty Report Form has been filed against, you, speak to your college coordinator or the reporting faculty member. After you have spoken with the College Coordinator or reporting faculty member about your Academic Dishonesty Report, submit your COE Academic Dishonesty Report Student Response

You must fill out the entire form. Your response can be entered into the form or can be attached as a PDF or Word document. Please do not submit your response until you have spoken with either the faculty member or the college coordinator regarding the Academic Dishonesty Report.

After you have received official notification from the college that your Academic Dishonesty Report has been signed and sent to the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards, you can file an appeal.

Visit the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards to download the appeal form.

Use the COE Academic Dishonesty Report Appeal to submit your appeal form.

Note: if you are appealing your Academic Dishonesty violation, you must include either 1) new information about the violation and your responsibility for it OR 2) explicit description of how the Academic Dishonesty process was not completed correctly in your case. You may not simply ask the decisions that your instructor, school head, and dean have made to be reconsidered without additional cause. 

There are a number of resources for students who are concerned about Academic Integrity. Many resources are linked on the SCCS website.

The ASOSU Office of Advocacy is also open to students who need assistance with their Academic Dishonesty Report.   

The working Academic Dishonesty Reporting process can be found here


This page is for faculty and instructors teaching courses in the OSU College of Engineering. If you are teaching a course in another college or are a student, please refer to the Student Conduct and Community Standards page for more information.  

The College of Engineering is currently using an online program to file Academic Dishonesty Report Forms (ADRF). To file a report, please go here.

If you are filing more than 5 reports at a time, please contact Tam Belknap to discuss electronic upload options.  

For more information on the Academic Integrity program at OSU, check out the library’s guide: Academic Integrity for Faculty and Instructors  

Consider having your students get a certificate from the library on Academic Integrity.

The working Academic Dishonesty Reporting process can be found here

For more information on the College of Engineering Academic Dishonesty reporting system, please contact:

Tamara Belknap
College of Engineering
Assessment and Accreditation Coordinator
(541) 737-2584