A science fair on steroids

Oregon State graduate students showcase research in Portland.

Combining passions to impact the environment

Rebecca Hutchinson’s work in computer science focuses on advancing ecological research.

National Science Foundation program entices students to burgeoning robotics program

Samantha Hemleben and Pavel Zaystev work with Professor Ross Hatton modeling jumping spider movement on an air hockey table.

Shear excitement

Construction of Johnson Hall utilizes impressive shear walls and the latest in building technology.

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Engineering News

OSU News Release

Engineers create a better way to boil water – with industrial, electronics applications

May 4, 2016
Engineers at Oregon State University have found a new way to induce and control boiling bubble formation, that may allow everything from industrial-sized boilers to advanced electronics to work better and last longer.… Read full story.

New type of cement could offer environmental protection, lower cost

Apr 28, 2016
If widely adopted, a new approach to making cement could significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption, help address global warming, produce a more durable concrete, and save industry time and significant costs.… Read full story.
Photo of traffic

Culture, crowding and social influence all tied to aggressive driving behavior

Apr 26, 2016
A study of angry, competitive and aggressive driving suggests that these dangerous behaviors are becoming a worldwide phenomenon of almost epidemic proportions, and are a reflection of a person’s surrounding culture, both on the road and on a broader social level.… Read full story.

OSU Alumni Association grants high honors to three

Apr 15, 2016
The OSU Alumni Association has selected two alumni, Jen-Hsun Huang and Pamela Knowles, and one great friend of the university, Allyn Ford, to be honored on April 22. … Read full story.

Upcoming Events


MS Final Examination – Yu-Jung Chu

Mobility Protocol, Channel Estimation, and Modulation Techniques for Hybrid WiFi-FSO (WiFO) WLAN of Femtocells
As the price of broadband access service becomes more affordable, the number of


PhD Oral Preliminary Examination – Abhishek Agrawal

A Scalable 28GHz Coupled-PLL in 65nm CMOS with Single-Wire Synchronization for Large-Scale 5G mm-Wave Arrays
This research presents a scalable, single-wire synchronization architecture and circuits for mm-Wave


PhD Final Oral Examination – Duong Nguyen-Huu

Network Coding, Random Matrices, and Their Applications to Communication Systems
In this work, we study network coding technique, its relation to random matrices, and their applications to communication

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From the Ingenium Blog

Brian Wood Awarded Overseas Fellowship

Apr 29, 2016

By Steve Frandzel Brian Wood, professor of environmental engineering has been awarded a fellowship by the London Mathematical Society (LMS), the United Kingdom’s leading learned society for mathematics. As part of the fellowship, Wood will reside in Oxford and deliver a series of six lectures at prestigious universities including Oxford University, Cambridge University, Imperial College, […] Read full story.

OSU American Institute for Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) takes 6th place at RC plane competition

Apr 25, 2016

By Karen Kuhlman Last week, the OSU AIAA Design Build Fly (DBF) team competed for the fourth year at the International Cessna/Raytheon Design Build Fly competition. A team of 12 students went to Wichita, KS from April 15-17 to compete against more than 80 universities from across the world and finished 6th place, the best in the club’s history. The […] Read full story.